Some years later, when I moved from Virginia to North Carolina, I was introduced to surf fishing. Standing before the ocean and not knowing what could be prowling just feet away was amazing. In Virginia, when I fished I knew that the only thing coming out of the stream was a trout usually around 12 inches. In the ocean, I could catch anything, any size and everything had teeth. I was hooked. The only problem I found was that I did not like staying in one place. I wanted to walk and cast, especially in the fall when I would see the schools of baitfish being mauled by Spanish and flounder. But, I also knew that each species liked different bait and presentations, which meant changing lures often or taking more than one rod. I struggled with how to take an extra rod and most of the time just took one. It was a challenge in that it just couldn’t be done unless you stuck one rod in the back of your pants while you fished with the other.

I looked on the web at popular sporting goods stores to see if something was available to satisfy my  two rod dilemma. Much to my dismay, nothing was on the market – unless you wanted to pull a wagon along the beach and those buggies weren’t for me. So, like the saying goes – Necessity is the mother of invention – I decided to create a solution myself. Thus, The Backbone was born.

For me, The Backbone has changed my entire fishing experience. I no longer worry about the struggle of carrying all my equipment to the beach. All my tackle is on my back – two rods, tackle box, extra jacket, sand spikes, etc., and I can still carry a third rod and a chair if I want to. The FishNPack Backbone is made of HDPE plastic. It is sturdy yet flexible, will bend before it breaks, and is virtually indestructible. You can even drill your own holes in the plastic to mount your own features.

Let me know how you craft yours to fit your needs. Send me some pictures. I hope it helps change your next fishing experience as it has mine.

Tight Lines…